August 26, 2020



Commentary for August 26, 2020:

Some time late in 2009, I wrote a story arc for Eonís Comic in which collapsing the roof of an underground tunnel was necessary to defeat an enemy. I recall the process of realising it on the page being a lengthy and tedious one, and I knew to expect that coming to this page here, but still I wrote it in the script. Fact is, it would be unbelievable for Sonic and Knuckles to get in and get the Freedom Fighters out completely undetected and completely unopposed. Guards coming to at least try to stop them was something the story needed, but I didnít want a long drawn out fight in this hallway either, so having Knuckles collapse the roof and block the passage was the best option I could think of. And, yes, it was a lengthy, tedious process to realise it on the page, just as I expected.

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