March 10, 2020



Commentary for March 10, 2020:

Well, here we go! Time for the first real space battle of Eonís World Vol. 1 (but certainly not the last)!

In Eonís Comic, I used Cruiziler from Mega Man X for a long time to fill in for the various ships used by GUN, Doctor Eggman, and the Echidna Empire. I edited the sprites a little for each, but aside from being thoroughly repainted, they were essentially the same ship, and that was how it was up until 2005, when I introduced some of my own ship designs to replace them. I didnít want that for this remake, which is why I made the Mako class Egg Frigate, first featured in Chapter 18, and now this, GUNís Protector class cruiser.

In 2005, I made a ship that was just a ĎGUN battlecruiserí, which I later dubbed the Samanfur the Fox class cruiser when I introduced new ship classes over the following years. The idea was that it was brand new and had replaced the old Cruiziler derived ships. I did recreate the Samanfur the Fox class for Eonís World Vol. 2, but it only appeared in Chapter 1, in very distant background shots, barely visible, and while I considered using that model for this chapter (which I would have renamed the Protector class, because GUN wouldnít have named a ship after an only recently elected President), I decided that I can do a lot better now. I completely retconned the makeup of GUNís fleet at this time and created the Protector, a wholly new class of ship -- that is to say, new to Eonís World, but actually quite old in-universe. These ships have been in service for decades at this point, but will fulfil the same role in Eonís World that both the Cruiziler derived ship and the Samanfur the Fox class cruiser did in Eonís Comic.

Now, I realise that the design aesthetic of the Protector is similar to the Invincible as of Vol. 2, Chapter 8. Thatís a deliberate design choice. I could have gone for something closer in appearance to the ships seen in Vol. 2, season 1, but I just didnít want to. I can do a lot better than that now and, honestly, you should prepare yourselves for Star Trek: Discovery style incongruities between the appearances of the ships in Vol. 2, season 1 and Vol. 1, seasons... well, whenever they appear... because they are going to look more like they do from Vol. 2, season 2 onwards than they did in Vol. 2, season 1. That includes iconic hero ships like the Invincible. Iím not precious about this sort of thing. The Enterprise looked amazing in Star Trek: Discovery, after all. I donít care if it wasnít fully consistent with how it looked on a low budget sci-fi show from over 50 years ago, and you shouldnít care if any of my ships donít look the same now as they did when I wasnít as good at making 3D models in SketchUp. What matters is that they be true to the idea and spirit of the original.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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