March 6, 2020



Commentary for March 6, 2020:

Area 99 is one of the few elements from Sonic X that made it into Eonís Comic back in the day (the other being the name ďMichael RĒ for the President during the ARK crisis), and it played a major role in the original run, which is why I brought it back for Eonís World. I feel like Iíve said this before, but it bears repeating: Originally, I imagined Area 99 as GUNís main base of operations, but I later realised that a major military force tends to be headquartered at an office building somewhere and bases like this are used to garrison troops and deploy aircraft. So area 99 was relegated to a regional base.

In any case, I was never satisfied with any of the ways Iíd depicted the exterior. I was always trying to create some big, impressive building that was instantly recognisable, but thatís just it; a lot of military bases just arenít like that. Area 99 is very clearly based on Area 51, which is well known by now to be an aircraft testing facility. There may be more to it underground (Iím not going to entertain the idea of aliens and a crashed alien ship hidden there), but on the surface, itís just an airfield and a few hangars and other buildings. And thatís how Area 99 looked in Sonic X, so thatís how I tried to depict it here. I think I did an okay job of that, too.

I also made a bit of an experiment of it, by using some 3D models for the buildings. To be fair, that was actually a time saving measure, as Iíve been very busy at the time of making this page and had precious little time to get as much work done on Eonís World as Iíd like, so I used 3D assets I already had, with a handful of tweaks. Honestly, I think it looks fine, so there may be more of this. Weíll see.

Now, as I mentioned, originally, Area 99 just was the place where GUN was commanded from, so General Davis, the Supreme Commander was already based there, naturally. For the upcoming stories, it is narratively more convenient for him to be there, rather than at High Command, which is why I came up with his rationale for taking over on the base here. It also helps to build up both Davis and Timmons as characters, and the animosity between the two of them.

Speaking of Timmons, like a lot of my characters, I feel there is a lot of me in her. Iíve never been good at sitting down, shutting up, and taking orders without question, which is why I would have made a terrible soldier (not that I ever wanted to be one). Like Timmons, I donít know when to ďstow the back talkĒ, especially when I think my employer/bosses/superiors are wrong.

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