July 21, 2020



Commentary for July 21, 2020:

You might be wondering how the leader of the United Federation’s military can get away with talking to the President of the United Federation like this. If it were the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States military speaking to the President of the United States like this, for instance, I imagine they’d be fired pretty damn quick (although, that’s not saying much considering who the current President is). So I should clarify that while the United Federation bears some similarities to the United States (e.g. it has a similarly structured government), it isn’t the United States and the relationship between the government and the military is very different here.

GUN is essentially an autonomous agency, by design, to prevent the President and Congress from abusing military force. This is a theme that will be explored  more in seasons 4 and 5, so I’m not going to give you a huge lore dump here. What I will say is, the President is not part of the military hierarchy under the United Federation, which is why Davis can just tell Samanfur “no” like this, to say nothing of laying into her with a rambling diatribe about how little regard he has for elected officials and their publics.

Of course, don’t it twisted, the office of President of the United Federation commands great respect -- hell, they call the President “your grace” -- so this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour from General Davis. But I’m going to say it right here; if Samanfur were a human, Davis probably wouldn’t be talking to her like this. Then again, given that she’s a member a socialist party -- the same party, by the way, as Sally Acorn, whom Davis has dismissed as a left-wing extremist -- maybe he wouldn’t have any more respect for Sam even if she were human.

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