April 4, 2020



Commentary for April 4, 2020:

Oh, heck! Blaze is alive!

Well, I mean, we already knew that, because we saw her at the end of Chapter 22, didnít we? But now the heroes know it, too!

So, this chapter ended up being very different to the original version of the story from Eonís Comic #80 through #83, but I think itís better for it. I mentioned before that Eon and Silky were also kidnapped in the original version, but I changed that to make them less helpless characters and give them greater agency, which is important. It would really be weak storytelling to have them be kidnapped again right after being kidnapped by the Echidna Empire a couple of chapters ago, after all. But also, in the original version, GUN did show up before the fight was over, they just didnít have much effect on the outcome. I figured if their presence added nothing to the story, I might as well make them not show up until the epilogue like I did. Instead, it was the Meridian Defence Command handling most of the active fighting, while Sally and her substitute Freedom Fighters found a way to end the attack.

But also in the original, the captives (Eon, Silky, and the Meridian President) were all kidnapped and taken to the ARK. They managed to escape thanks to the Presidentís mysterious powers and were picked up by a GUN cruiser sent up to retrieve them. Now, after the last chapter, where GUN approaching the ARK proved disastrous, I quickly threw that idea out when writing this chapter. Instead, I wasnít going to let Nack and Blackwood get off the ground with Mortimer, which made it possible for Sally to show up in time to ďrescueĒ him. Of course, as we saw, Mortimer didnít need rescuing at all; but since he has to keep up appearances, he let Sally believe her arrival alone is what saved him, which is part of the debt he wanted to pay off in that first panel here.

Anyway, come back tomorrow when Chapter 24 will begin!

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