April 16, 2020



Commentary for April 16, 2020:

Another year older, another year closer to death. Happy birthday to me!

Anyway, it wasnít my intent when writing this chapter, but there is some nice symmetry between the way Chapter 24 opens and the way it ends, with both scenes taking place in the Area 99 COís office (Iíd say Davisís office, but it is technically Timmonsís).

Now. Weíre not quite halfway through the season just yet in terms of the number of chapters at least, but I do feel as if we have reached the narrative halfway point. The fallout from Season 1 has been largely dealt with, with Blaze returning safely home, wrapping up that arc nicely. So, hereís a big old narrative hook to draw you in for the next half of the season, which is those consequences Sally was worried about...

Anyway, come back tomorrow for the start of Chapter 25!

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