February 8, 2020



Commentary for February 8, 2020:

In Eonís Comic, there were often shots of ships approaching Angel Island, but the limited medium of sprites made it hard to get the really dramatic shots I wanted, like what Iíve managed here in the first panel. And I am very pleased with how that shot turned out.

Now, talking of Eonís Comic, we are actually back to a re-creation of a story from the old days, which was told in Eonís Comic #67, #68, and #69. The basic premise of the story was the same then; but of course, there are some huge differences between this version and the original and Iíll elaborate on those as appropriate in upcoming commentaries.

For now Iíll say that Blaze wasnít in the original, obviously. In 2003, she didnít exist yet. Instead, the dimensionally displaced Princess was Sally from the SatAM cartoon, along with Antoine and Bunnie, but I changed all that in the 2018 remaster by bringing Blaze in to fill that role and bringing reimagined versions of the SatAM/Archie Freedom Fighters as regular characters. Iíve covered this all before, of course, so I wonít belabour the point here.

But in the original version of this story, the SatAM characters didnít accompany Sonic and Tails to Angel Island. Instead, Amy Rose did. I think this is because I felt Amy hadnít been in the comic enough yet, and even approaching this chapter, I initially intended for it Sonic, Tails, and Amy. I changed it to Blaze, though, because I know Amy is going to have a bigger role as this series goes on, so Iím not fretting about her being underrepresented at this time. Moreover, it made no sense for Blaze not to accompany Sonic and Tails to personally ask Knuckles for a warp ring to help take her home.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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