February 22, 2020



Commentary for February 22, 2020:

In Eonís Comic, Hughes, the original Commander of the Royal Guard was a human. But I decided to re-cast him as a grizzled old fox for Eonís World. Itís just easier to create a more interesting and unique character with these sprites that way. He is, otherwise the same character, however. But yeah, youíll be seeing more of him soon, and thatís another character making their Eonís World debut here in Chapter 21. So thatís 3, for people keeping score.

Believe it or not, neither of the stories from Eonís Comic that Iíve stitched together to create this Frankenstein chapter featured Ballista, even though Eon and Silky were held hostage in the latter of the two (Eonís Comic #71 through #75). I hadnít actually introduced Ballista yet and still didnít until a few of stories later (Eonís Comic #86). Silkyís homeland was mentioned, but it was the Meridian President who was shown to be most invested in her safe recovery, if only for the sake of good international relations. If I hadnít already introduced Ballista in Chapter 12, she would have naturally debuted here. In Eonís World, someone like President Mortimer really is not concerned with the wellbeing of a royal like Silky, and it simply makes more sense for the Steward of Britannia to be the one responding to the disappearance of Britanniaís princess.

Finally, I make no apology for that joke in panel 4. I felt a little bit of levity before this chapter gets super intense would be nice. In any case, Tikal is, I feel, very wise, and I wanted to get that across in this interaction with Sora-Ya. Sora-Ya hasnít spoken openly of war and conquest with her, but she doesnít need to. Tikal grew up among people like Sora-Ya and she can read the signs; she sees her father in Sora-Ya and knows better than to trust her. Iíve always loved Tikal, but I feel like I originally wrote her in Eonís Comic as a bit of a Cassandra -- someone with future visions but who was otherwise pretty helpless -- and I didnít want that this time. I wanted her to be a strong character with actual agency, who will just straight up call out someone like Sora-Ya and tell her ďnoĒ.

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