July 19, 2020



Commentary for July 19, 2020:

Welcome to the start of Chapter 32: ĎVendettaí, for which this entire second season of Eonís World Vol. 1 is named. By this point, the overarching narrative theme of season 2, which is the literal vendetta GUN has against Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, should be quite apparent despite Davisís attempt to play coy here.

Anyway, this chapter is a mixed bag of sources, merging scenes from the remastered 2018 version of Eonís Comic #112 and the original 2003 version of #125 through #127 with some new stuff thrown to tie it all together and give some characters a more expansive or reimagined role this time around. Thereís going to be a lot of characters sitting or standing around and talking in this chapter, which will hopefully be a welcome breather between the intensity of the last two chapters and the next two.

Anyway, this is actually the first time weíve seen the Federal Palace in Grand Metropolis since Chapter 8, I believe. This is the formal residency of the President of the United Federation, currently Samanfur the Fox, who was elected in the aforementioned Chapter 8, after the guy from Sonic Adventure 2 (whom I named Michael Rosemary, since heís never been given a name in official sources, but Sonic X showed its version of the President signing bills with the name ďMichael RĒ, so I chose Rosemary as a nod to Dice Funk) was booted out of office for his mishandling of the Eclipse Cannon crisis in said game.

Once upon a time, I would be loath to have entire panels with no dialogue in them, feeling an incessant need to fill every panel with as much text as possible, unless there was a good reason not to. But Iím trying to be a bit more artistic with how I approach this comic now and I think the occasional silent panel or two can be a good thing. After all, Iím not limited to telling stories in multiples of eighteen panels with this comic like I was with Eonís Comic. Iím not even limited to multiples of six now that Iíve taken the plunge and accepted that, yes, I can make the panels any shape or size I want. No more trying to artificially extend a scene or cram it into a set number of panels.

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