February 17, 2020



Commentary for February 17, 2020:

Oh yes. Itís Kari-Ya.

Thereís a few characters making their debut in this chapter, and Kari-Ya is the next one. Sheís one of my own, and if youíve read Eonís World Vol. 2, you will be familiar with her eight years in the future from this time, where she is... significant. If youíre interested, you can go ahead and read Vol. 2, but it will spoil some of whatís coming for her in Vol. 1, so be warned. At this point, however, she is a somewhat innocent fifteen-year-old girl.

Now, the reason Kari-Ya makes her debut here is because she made her first ever appearance in Eonís Comic #61 though #65, which is part of the basis for this Frankenstein chapter. I donít recall the exact process by which I conceived of her, but I do know that I originally intended for Sora-Ya to be a lot younger -- too young to have a teenage daughter, certainly. I had actually planned for her to want to romance Knuckles, believe it or not, but I dropped that idea very early, re-cast her as significantly older, and then decided that, as the Echidna Empress, it made sense for her to have a child to continue her line. And thatís where Kari-Ya came from.

Her name is actually a bit of a private joke. I spent a lot of time watching Digimon in my teen years and one of the main characters is called Sora, while another is called Hikari or Kari in the English dub. As a reference to that, I created Kari-Ya to compliment Sora-Ya; however, unlike Sora-Ya, whose name is not pronounced the way itís spelt (as a reminder itís pronounced sor-RAY-ya), Kari-Yaís name is pronounced as itís spelt (kar-REE-ya).

Anyway, two Big the Cat cameos in one chapter? Well, why not? Heís not going to get much screen time in Eonís World, for reasons I already talked about a couple of pages ago; but he can at least make an occasional appearance like this, where appropriate. And where is more appropriate than a photo taken by Echidna Empire agents during the events of Sonic Adventure?

In the Sonic Heroes adaptation Iíll be doing for Eonís World Vol. 1 in Season 4...? Well... sorry, Big fans. But Iíve got a another idea for Team Roseís third member, which I think will better in the context of Eonís World at least.

Credits: Big the Cat sprites by CylentNight.

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