April 29, 2020



Commentary for April 29, 2020:

Here we are in the future and itís bright!

Now, some fun facts about Sonic CD for the uninitiated. Time travel is a major gameplay mechanic. Every single level has four versions of itself: past, present, bad future, and good future. You can create a good future in each zone by destroying the two robot generators in the past of acts 1 and 2. If you do that for every zone, you unlock the gameís good ending. Alternatively, collecting all seven Time Stones also unlocks the good ending.

Naturally, the canon ending for Sonic CD is that Sonic made a good future in every zone and got all the Time Stones, which is why Iím using only good future versions of the zones here. The good future versions of each zone are a lot more vibrantly coloured and tend to mesh nature and technology in a neat kind of symbiosis, whereas the bad future is darker, greyer, and tends to show the demise of nature at the hands of technology. But yeah, thatís why Iím using the good future assets here, because Sonicís been here before and he beat Doctor Eggman then, which is why the planet looks this way in the future.

But now who could be arriving on the Little Planet aboard that ship...?

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