March 24, 2020



Commentary for March 24, 2020:

A recurring problem I had with Eonís Comic was a lack of regular building fronts among the various background components I used. I mean things like houses and shop fronts and stuff. So I re-used a lot of the same stuff over and over. Thatís still a bit of a problem, honestly, but Freedom Planet has at least one city level that has provided some more of what I need for scenes like this, at least. 

Anyway, you may recall that, in Chapter 4, Antoine gave Eon a sabre to fight Badniks with during the rescue mission to the ARK. Eon kept that sword and, after recent experiences with the Echidna Empire, he tends to keep it close now. You can see it propped up against the table in the scene at Luigiís. So, what? Does Meridia have an open carry policy on swords? Basically, yeah. But does the same apply to guns?

No. Absolutely not.

A sword takes a lot of skill to use and, even then, one person with a sword isnít going to manage to kill that many people before the authorities take them down, no matter how skilled they are. People will run and boomerang blade is not an actual sword technique. On the other hand, any jackass can open up with an assault rifle and murder dozens of people, and they donít even have to be that good a shot. So, yes, Meridia (and the United Federation as a whole) has very relaxed rules on people owning and openly carrying swords and other similar melee weapons, but very strict rules on gun ownership; and open carry by civilians is not a thing.

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