March 12, 2020



Commentary for March 12, 2020:

If you recognised E-123 Omega from the previous page, then I guess Gussprint ought to be congratulated for making such excellent sprites! Yes, of course, the Badnik we saw Eggman working on yesterday was Omega, the last of the E-100 robots, who first appeared in Sonic Heroes and is best known for often teaming up with Shadow and Rouge and for his one-machine quest to destroy all of Eggmanís robots. But thatís not where he is right now. Right now, he is a newly completed Badnik, still following his original programming to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog.

I did feature Omega in Eonís Comic, albeit very briefly, but I had him unceremoniously killed off not long after his only other appearance. The reason I didnít keep him in the series was because the sprites I had available then werenít that great and I didnít want to feature the character enough to create better ones... and, honestly, I lacked the necessary skill for it in 2004. Frankly, I still wouldnít be confident trying to make Omega sprites today, which is why Iím glad such a comprehensive sprite sheet by Gussprint exists. But I digress. At the time of his original appearance in Eonís Comic, Omega had only appeared in one game so far and I didnít know he was going to stay on as one of the recurring characters of the Sonic franchise. But the fact that heís stuck around for well over half of the franchiseís run now is why I plan to treat him far better in Eonís World, not to mention because of how delightfully written he went on to be in the Archie Sonic comics... when they eventually were allowed to include him, that is.

But one thing we never saw in the games was his origins. We just saw him wake up in an abandoned storage facility, righteously ticked off at his creator for abandoning him. Before we get to that, I wanted to show him being used for his original purpose just once.

Now, in the 2018 version of this story, Iíd originally used E-101 Mk. II, the rebuilt form of E-101 Beta, the final boss from E-102 Gammaís campaign in Sonic Adventure. I decided to swap him out for Omega in this remake, however, because I think after Beta and Gamma were both destroyed, their stories were neatly wrapped up, and there was no need to ruin that by resurrecting one of them, especially when Omega would fill in nicely. 

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin; E-123 Omega sprites originally by Gussprint; Super Smash Bros. Melee misc item sprites originally by ZinDinTimeYUM.

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