May 2, 2020



Commentary for May 2, 2020:

One thing Iím trying to avoid these days with Eonís World is overly lengthy exposition scenes. I actually re-wrote an entire scene in Chapter 10 of Vol. 2 before starting the artwork for it, cutting it down from seven pages to just three, because the original version dragged on and on. With this first scene, there was a lot more I wanted to be said. I wanted to go into what the Little Planet actually is, why it disappears and reappears every year, even how it came to be in the first place, and why the destruction of Sol for the last ten thousand years would have farther reaching consequences. But it was too much information to fit into a story like this without losing all sense of urgency, so I cut it down to just the essential details. If youíre a fan of lore and worldbuilding like me, donít worry; there will be a future story in which we can delve into that, but this just wasnít the right time for it.

If youíve read Vol. 2 at all, by the way, you may recognise the type of ship the heroes are travelling in as the same type that Sally Acorn arrived aboard in Chapter 9. It is a Valkyrie class cutter, which doesnít yet exist in Sonicís time, so this will probably be the only occasion we ever see one in Eonís World Vol. 1.

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