July 18, 2020



Commentary for July 18, 2020:

We are in the endgame of season 2 now and the chickens are coming home to roost. But what can I say about this chapter now that weíve reached the end of it? Honestly, there isnít much to add here. Iíve already described the themes and the key differences between this and the original 2003 version of this story on previous pages, so Iím not going to rehash that here. But there are only three chapters left to go now on this season and they are all going to be pretty intense.

What I will talk about, though, is that command centre at GUN High Command. In the original Eonís Comic, I made a command centre based on the one we see in Shadow the Hedgehog, but it didnít really work all that well, so I elected not to re-create it for Eonís World. Instead, I took a command centre Iíd made later out of background sprites from the Mega Man Zero series and gave it a GUN overhaul, plus a pseudo 3D floor, allowing for some perspective tricks to give an illusion of depth to the space, which Iím pretty pleased with. The big old GUN emblem on the floor is something Iím particularly proud of.

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