June 16, 2020



Commentary for June 16, 2020:

Eon can be a bit hot-headed sometimes, at least at this point in his life. Heís a lot more... well, a bit more... serene by the time of Vol. 2. But here, he is quick to anger and say things that could land him in a lot of trouble. Thankfully, Silky was able to cut him off before he basically incriminated himself in front of a GUN officer. See, in this moment, Eon only really cares about the truth, which is that the Freedom Fighters are good and Sonic couldnít possibly be the villain GUN has painted him as. But Silky has been raised to deal with politicians and wealthy elites, so she understands that optics and perceived truth are sometimes more important than the actual truth. It doesnít matter if GUN is factually wrong about Sonic, Knuckles, or the Freedom Fighters; what matters is that they have marked them as enemies of the state, and it would be a very bad idea for Eon to voluntarily affiliate himself with them in this moment. Right now, getting off Angel Island safely is what matters to her.

This scene and the next were both in the original version of this story. However, I had not introduced Captain Smithson as a character at that time, so it was actually General Timmons whom they met with here. She really got around a lot during the original version of this arc. For this remake, I planned at first for it be General Mason they met here, but it made more sense to me for GUN to send a whole ship, with about a thousand marines on board to set up a base camp and essentially occupy the island. Masonís an army general, so he wouldnít be going, not even in command of the marines, because marines and the army are two separate military branches. I could have had Dennet be the one in charge, but I settled on Smithson. I have reasons.

Now, in the original version, Knuckles and Sora-Ya were locked in a cell together, which made no sense, on reflection. So I put them in separate cells this time. Theyíre still nextdoor to one another and able to communicate, which was all I needed for this scene. The cells are a one hundred percent custom job, too, as will be most of the interiors of ships for Eonís World, and they are based on prison cells seen in Eonís World Vol. 2. I couldíve gone with your typical sci-fi force fields or laser bars, but Iíve never understood why youíd do that. I get it, it looks cool and futuristic that way, but all it takes is one little power cut and your cell door is gone. Hence why the brig aboard the Ajax has actual doors on the cells, as will almost every prison in Eonís World. (Yes, I know thereís already been a couple of cells with laser bars, but they are the exception, not the rule.)

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