March 29, 2020



Commentary for March 29, 2020:

Okay, straps yourselves in, because things are about to get weird!

Stories about hacking tend to be a bit dull, because itís usually just people sat at computers typing most of the time, and unless you know anything about hacking (which I donít), it can be a bit inaccessible. I did not want this scene to just be Sally standing with Nicoleís mobile unit and talking with her about her progress. Then I remembered that in the Archie comics, we saw what Nicole experienced in cyberspace (well, in the digital world, as it was called), and the game Shadow the Hedgehog went full Tron in at least two levels, where Shadow somehow goes into cyberspace. And since there are levels in Sonic Advance 2 and 3 that appear to be set in some kind of digital cyberspace realm, I decided to go with that and make Nicoleís part in this story a bit more interesting, also saving me from making a complete fool of myself trying to frame this as in any way resembling real life hacking.

So, basically, Nicole is like a program from Tron or a sprite from ReBoot at this point, able to move around inside the virtual reality that is cyberspace at the time Eonís World is set, which is how she will be able to explore the EggNet in order to get the information she needs to send the self-destruct command to the Badniks.

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