May 6, 2020



Commentary for May 6, 2020:

I am really quite proud of this page. Not only did I get it done in a reasonable amount of time, all things considered, but I’m just pleased with how it looks. I am also quite chuffed with the idea I came up with of having Evelyn dig up past and future enemies for Sonic and Eon to fight. If this fight dragged on any longer, she’d be finding similar enemies for Tails and Delta to fight, too, but I don’t want the panels to get too crowded, if I can help it.

Still, I am very happy about finally being able to feature a character idea I came up with years ago but haven’t had the chance to include in any story yet, which is, of course, Voríma Dagornonár. He’s a character I plan to include in Eon’s World Vol. 2, most likely in season 3 (we’re currently on season 2, if you are not following that series). It’s only a tiny cameo, but it’s nice to reveal him with the promise of him appearing later as a major antagonist. I was also pleased to be able to give Darth Wargaz a wee cameo here, too. If you’ve read Vol. 2, you will probably be familiar with him already.

Anyway, I am particularly proud of that final panel. I needed a big one like that to show all the characters in this scene at once and I am pleased with how that turned out. But I am also happy with the story implications here, which will, of course, carry over on to the next page. But one of the major problems both the original 2003 version of this story and even the 2018 version had was Sonic’s lack of agency. He was just a passenger along for the ride in both instances, though I did try to improve upon that in the 2018 version. But coming into this chapter, I knew Sonic, as the main protagonist, had to have more agency; he needed to be the one driving the story forwards and not just be a passive witness to events as they unfold around him, which is why he’s trying to get through to Evelyn here. I guess we’ll see if he succeeds tomorrow.

Credits: Metal Sonic sprites originally by CyberShadow.

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