April 30, 2020



Commentary for April 30, 2020:

The idea of a story where Sonic travels to the future and meets future versions of characters from Eonís World (or even characters he hasnít met yet) occurred to me during my first pass at remastering Eonís Comic two years ago. Indeed, I think itís fair to say thatís where Eonís World Vol. 1 had its true genesis. Iíll come back to that in a moment.

As I approached Eonís Comic #101 through #104, in which Sonic went on a completely inconsequential journey into the distant future that had no long term narrative implications whatsoever, I felt I could do a much better story for the remaster; after all, if youíre going to time travel, you should at least try to do something interesting with it. So, what if Sonic travelled only ten years into the future and met future versions of some established Eonís World characters? Thatís when I decided on Eon Squirrel, Delta Starfire, and Tails -- two characters Sonic already knows and one he will know one day. It was also a nice way to use time travel to connect Vol. 1 to Vol. 2, since the year 3243 is nearer to when Vol. 2 is set. (Admittedly, weíve only gone as far as 3242 so far, because the pace of Vol. 2 is a lot slower than Vol. 1, but upcoming chapters of Vol. 2 will certainly take us into 3243. But the point is, the Eon and Delta here are only a few months ahead of the Eon and Delta we last saw in Vol. 2 Chapter 10. Spoilers, I guess, since this means you now know theyíll survive Chapter 12?)

The thing is, telling a completely new time travel story to connect Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that way still had a bit of a knock-on effect to some of the stories that came shortly after, which meant I had to re-write a lot more than just Eonís Comic #101 through #104, and having started, I kept making bigger and bigger changes until, eventually, I realised I might as well completely remake Eonís Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1.

No regrets.

And talking of no regrets, whatís up with future Tails here...? Well, come back tomorrow and Iíll tell you.

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