February 23, 2020



Commentary for February 23, 2020:

Sora-Ya loves her people more than anything, and she would do anything for them... unless they happen to disagree with her about what needs to be done for the sake of their survival. To her, it is utterly irrational that any echidna should not oppose the United Federation as she does and support her quest to overthrow it in favour of a new order led by the Echidna Empire. If Sora-Ya feels anything more strongly than her love for her people, it is her hatred of echidnas who are not on her side -- those she calls ďblood traitorsĒ. Thereís a bit of truth in fiction here. Fiercely nationalistic people will often say how much they love their country and their fellow countrymen; but all too often, you will find that they have a deep-seated hatred for any of their countrymen who donít share their very narrow vision of what their country should be.

Anyway, in panel 3 we get to see GUN High Command for the first time. In Eonís Comic, the building was actually a skyscraper not dissimilar in design to the Burj Khalifa (even though it predated completion of that particular building by several years). However, that didnít strike me as a very military building. When you think military headquarters, you think of buildings like the Pentagon, and I wanted something a bit more like that. But I also wanted something more imposing and sinister. I immediately thought of the Republic military headquarters on Coruscant seen in The Clone Wars, and decided to go for something modelled on that; grey concrete, with sloping walls, few visible windows, and GUNís emblem in faded paint on the side. Of course, in Eonís Comic, High Command didnít actually appear until a bit later than this, and these scenes took place at Area 99, which I treated as GUNís main base to begin with before later retconning it to be a regional base.

In any case, we have another two characters making their debut here, so thatís our count for this chapter at 5 now. We have the Supreme Commander of GUN, General Marcus Davis (first mentioned in Chapter 1) and a high ranking GUN officer, Lieutenant General Laura Timmons. If youíve read Vol. 2, you may recognise her, but I wouldnít expect anyone to know Davis unless theyíd read the original Eonís Comic (or the 2018 remaster). Either way, both of them are major characters who will go on to do major things in Eonís World.

Now, when I started Eonís Comic, the only info we had on GUN came from Sonic Adventure 2, with some additional lore created for the Archie comics (which I didnít bother with back then). Including GUN in my comic so early on meant I had to craft a lot of the lore myself, which is why I created General Davis to be the man in charge. Of course, two years later, Shadow the Hedgehog came out and introduced the nameless Commander of GUN, a gentleman the Archie comics dubbed Abraham Tower. For the briefest moment, I contemplated replacing Davis with Tower for Eonís World, but I decided not to. Abraham Tower is not a villain, after all; heís pretty messed up and he blames Shadow for his childhood trauma, but heís not evil. Indeed, the Archie comics portrayed him as a fairly decent man; a hard case, sure -- he is a military commander, after all -- but heís not bad. For Eonís World, however, I needed GUNís Supreme Commander to be someone genuinely bad (as you will soon see), which is why I stuck with the OC I created for the role before Sega gave us an official leader of GUN. Sadly Abraham Tower will probably not be appearing in Eonís World (at least, not as a contemporary figure).

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