January 27, 2020



Commentary for January 27, 2020:

You may recall that, in Chapter 9, Doctor Eggman sent Super Egg Robo Z with his Badnik army to take over Carnival Island. Needless to say, since Knuckles and Team Chaotix didn’t destroy them then, they’ve been on the island ever since.

Now, in the original version of this story from 2018’s attempted remaster of Eon’s Comic, I just used the type of ship I was passing off as an “Egg cruiser”, which was an edit of the whale ship in Mega Man X 2 (I think). Coming into doing Eon’s World Vol. 1, however, I knew I didn’t want to use those sprites. In fact, very early on (as in, Chapter 1 early), I decided to experiment with using 3D models for a lot of the bigger ships. For that reason, I nixed every instance of an Egg cruiser where they had appeared before for the new versions of these stories, replacing them with the existing AT-30 Goliath, which debuted in Vol. 2. That was largely motivated by laziness on my part, as I didn’t want to jump into creating a new 3D model just yet, but I also felt it made narrative sense to hold off on showcasing anything from the Egg Fleet until closer to the time it becomes a thing in Eon’s World. Well, we’re closer to that time now, plus the ship being specifically something bigger than a shuttle and more akin to a warship was kind of necessary for this story, for the sake of something that’s going to happen in a couple of pages’ time. So, I sat down and spent a couple of days making this model.

If you’ve played Sonic Heroes, you may recognise that the ship in panel 5 is based on the smallest ships from the Egg Fleet stage. Getting reference images for the ship was tricky, so I based it on a combination of how it appears in the games and in the Archie Sonic comics, with a lot of artistic license used to fill in the blanks, but I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Needless to say, I will be making some (if not all) of the other ships in the Egg Fleet, too, as they will be needed in a future season of Eon’s World. This here is just a taste of things to come.

Now, according to the Sonic News Network, which is a pretty useful Sonic wiki, this ship is called a “Mako gunship”. I tend to think of something more analogous to an Apache helicopter when I hear “gunship”, whereas seeing a ship like this makes me think “frigate”. So, for the purposes of Eon’s World, it will be officially called a Mako class frigate, or just an Egg Frigate.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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