August 23, 2020



Commentary for August 23, 2020:

So you know star destroyers, those big warships we see in Star Wars? They have a whole bunch of guns on them, but the ships are so huge that the guns are too small to make out in a lot of shots. The best views we ever get of the ships guns are in the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, really, but we get a couple of relatively good looks at them in Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One. Well, I run into the same problem a little with some of my ship models, where the guns are, by comparison to the ship they’re mounted on, a little small to really make out. So, I relish an opportunity like this to have a close-up on one of Ajax’s three railgun turrets -- to show off my modelling work.

Anyway, this was a tricky scene to write, but one I knew I needed in this chapter shortly before beginning the script (actually while I was finishing up Chapter 33 to be precise), so I spent quite a while agonising over the dialogue. I wanted Timmons to sound level-headed and sincere, persuasive even, and that’s no easy task when facing someone who basically thinks she’s gone mad and betrayed everything she once stood for. Now, as I hope is evident from the dialogue here, Captain Smithson isn’t “in on it” insofar as the conspiracy within GUN goes. She didn’t know what happened to Blaze after she delivered her to Area 99; it wasn’t her job to know and she knows better than to ask questions. Nor is she aware of the fact that the Freedom Fighters’ lives are in danger. As far as she knows, they’re just terror suspects being justly detained.

But what about her conversation with General Davis at the end of Chapter 29, when Davis basically admitted to pinning bogus charges on Sonic and the Freedom Fighters? That’s a valid question, but let me remind you, dear reader; a lot of people still believed the Iraq War was justified even after we all knew we’d been misled about Saddam Hussein’s weapons capabilities. For some, the ends justify the means, even if it means lying to the world in order to exaggerate a threat or make one up out of whole cloth. Smithson is that kind of person, but we’ll get more insight into her views and motives later in this chapter.

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