March 26, 2020



Commentary for March 26, 2020:

Watch out! Thereís some garbage sci-fi hacking coming up in this chapter! I was pretty worried about what I was writing, honestly, so I talked to my partner about it, since she is more knowledgeable about computer security than I am (I basically know nothing, Jon Snow) and she told me not to sweat it, because this is a sci-fi story set thousands of years in the future. Who knows how computers and cyber warfare work in this distant time? So, if none of this makes sense from a modern day technological perspective, donít worry about it, I guess?

Anyway, one thing I never really used in Eonís Comic back in the day was Metal Slug sprites. I mean, I used some of the tanks very early on, because hey! Tank sprites! But I never used the soldiers, the animals, the NPCís, or the other vehicles. And that seems like a missed opportunity, considering how many useful sprites those games had in them, including wrecked vehicles like the bus on this page. Iíll probably be using quite a few sprites from Metal Slug going forwards, although character sprites will almost certainly undergo some heavy editing to fit better into Eonís World.

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