May 24, 2020



Commentary for May 24, 2020:

So, basically, the events of the Sonic Advance series (such as they are) havenít really happened in Eonís World. At least, if they have, itís not in any way like the games. Kind of ironic, since I use Advance style sprites, but theyíre the ones that look the most like the Sonic Adventure style, so go figure. Either way, Cream has never been on an adventure like this before, so Doctor Eggman doesnít really know who she is yet. But he will.

Anyway, Iíll drop a little titbit here about the original version of this story. It was very different to this version, and linked a lot more closely to the time travel story Sonic went on that I re-made for Chapter 26. But instead of Vanilla being replaced by a robot double, it was Amy who was, and her copy lured Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles into a trap at the Pyramid Base, which led to Sonic being tricked into travelling to the Little Planet in search of the real Amy. In any case, one thing led to another and we ended up with an altercation between Amy and her robot double in the original version, just like here. But thatís pretty much the only part of that story that made it into this version. I completely decoupled this from the time travel story, set it after that instead, and let it stand on its own as an adventure for Amy, Tekno, and Cream -- very pointedly kicking the boys to the curb for a chapter and Iím proud of that.

Credits: Robot Amy sprites originally by Bendilin and Ren ďFoxxĒ Ramos; additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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