July 7, 2020



Commentary for July 7, 2020:

Welcome to Chapter 31: ‘Renegades’.

Okay, this chapter is where I get a little bit adventurous with panel layout and storytelling in a way that anybody would probably tell you not to in a sprite comic. I remember reading one sprite comic creator from back in the old days offering their opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do with sprite comics and one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was their insistence that you should never try to tell a serious story with a sprite comic. I obstinately paid no attention to that advice for 843 pages between 2002 and 2011. And here I am, at it again, 309 pages deep into this modern remake of that old saga, and we’ve only just begun. But I’m getting off track.

I wanted to be a little more... pretentiously artistic with this page. That’s why I have Timmons quietly remembering stuff from the previous chapter (which took place entirely on the previous day in-universe) while she’s gearing up for her mission to capture Sonic. I really wish I could get more emotion on these human sprites’ faces, but it’s just not possible... yet. *knowing smile* Still, I hope the message comes across all the same.

Anyway, we finally get to meet all of paladin team Sigma-Alpha 2 here. From left to right: Dutch, Rico, Honch, Spike, and Vincent. Once again, these guys are not my creations, but actual Sonic characters who appeared in the Archie comics in the era aroud issue 100 (so, around 2001 to 2003, I think). Vincent was the only one we hadn’t met so far. Up to this point, I’d characterised him as the team’s pilot, who’s usually on their transport. But since the team is going to feature heavily in this chapter, he needed to be in this scene, too.

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