February 26, 2020



Commentary for February 26, 2020:

So now you know where Vincent and Spike are; pilot and co-pilot on the teamís shuttle. Part of me kind of wishes Iíd made a helicopter for them, like the one used by Sigma-Alpha 2 in Sonic Adventure 2 (and issue 98 of Archie Sonic, come to think of it), but itís not such a big deal to me, which is why a standard GUN transport shuttle will do fine. I dunno, maybe the team got an upgrade? Any excuse to do less work, really (especially on a model I might never use again).

Anyway, here she is! Technically, the 11th character to make their Eonís World debut here in Chapter 21, Rouge the Bat! (I say technically, because while Vincent and Spike havenít been visible yet, theyíre definitely on that shuttle, which makes them 9 and 10.) Of course, thereís no surprises here, since General Timmons sent for Rouge two pages ago, but I was quite excited to finally include her. She was among the recurring Sonic characters to feature in Eonís Comic, so naturally I brought her back for Eonís World Vol. 1 (and heck, she may end up in Vol. 2 yet). Iíve always had a soft spot for Rouge and Iím rather looking forward to retelling some of her stories from the old days of Eonís Comic here. Not that I really had any proper moment to bring her in earlier than this, but I did make a very deliberate point of not introducing Rouge any earlier than Chapter 21, as it was the story told between Eonís Comic #71 and #75 where I first brought her aboard and that is part of what this chapter is based on.

Credits: some Rouge sprites originally made by Zig Sonar.

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