July 16, 2020



Commentary for July 16, 2020:

Well, this page was a very different experience to make, let me tell you. I knew what I wanted for this page when I wrote the script, but I didnít know how I was going to realise it. I thought, initially, that I would create the shuttleís cockpit in the same way I had done the bridge of the Ajax. But itís a shuttle cockpit, so itís much smaller than a cruiserís bridge, so I knew it would be a tight shot, and I anticipated needing the shuttle exterior to be at least partially visible. What I didnít expect was to basically just use the SketchUp model and put the sprites in there, rather than making a sprite background based on the model. I did add a little bit of extra detail and shading that wasnít visible on the model, but only a tiny bit to break up the mass of solid colour in parts of it, and I replaced the over-engineered pilot seats with simpler sprite seats (the same as I used on the bridge of the Ajax). But that was basically it. And I feel it works. Where this page fails, I feel, is that this a very emotional scene for Timmons and those damn human sprites are just useless for showing emotion.

Talking of which, I guess Iíve avoided it long enough. Now we finally get to hear what has been on Timmonsís mind since this whole situation with Sonic started. The subtext has become text. I do have a lot of thoughts about this, but Iím not going to go into them just now. Maybe another time, but I will say that this is a very new direction to the way the story originally unfolded. Itís going to reach the same conclusion as before, but how it gets there will be a little different, and it will be both narratively and thematically satisfying in the end. At least, I hope so. Sadly, to elaborate on this would be to wander into spoiler territory.

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