February 19, 2020



Commentary for February 19, 2020:

It was never really clear in the days of Eonís Comic where Silky Fox lived when she was in Station Square. I think it was always just kind of implied that she would stay at Eonís house. But I figured the relevant authorities in Britannia would probably be a little funny about that. Moreover, she is a princess, so it stands to reason that a house could simply be purchased for her to stay at for the time being. And thatís where the idea for Silkyís private Station Square villa came from. Now, itís possible this residence has been used by the Britannic royal family while visiting Station Square for generations already; then again, it might have been bought specially for Silky. Honestly, I havenít given it that much thought, so neither should you. But either way, it is almost certainly in one of the ďniceĒ neighbourhoods of Station Square. And by ďniceĒ, I mean rich. Thatís not necessarily what Silky would have chosen, but she probably didnít choose the place.

Anyway, take note, dear reader! This is where Eon and Kari-Ya first meet. Itís interesting to think how their relationship changes between now, where heís just an afterthought to her, and where they end up in the future, where she takes him rather more seriously.

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