March 23, 2020



Commentary for March 23, 2020:

I think this page is somewhat noteworthy for being the first time Luigiís has ever been properly shown from the outside. It was a regular haunt of characters based in Station Square throughout Eonís Comic, but I never did an exterior shot of it like this back then.

In any case, back in the days of Eonís Comic, I wasnít too concerned about having lengthy arguments about politics between characters, because that sort of thing really was my jam back then. When I started Eonís World Vol. 2, seven years ago now, I wanted to make a concerted effort to minimise the overt politics in it. By that I mean, characters sitting around discussing budgets, taxes, welfare, elections, et cetera, not what entitled dudebros on the internet mean when they complain about ďpoliticsĒ in media (i.e. featuring anyone other than cisgender white, heterosexual men). But I knew that any retelling of the story of Eonís Comic had to have a bit more of the politicians sitting around in meetings like this for the story to go where it needs to go. (Well, insofar as it ďneedsĒ to go anywhere; Iím well aware of the fact that, as the creator of this story, I have absolute control over where it goes. But I want it to go to these places, so here we are.)

Still, I donít want any story to be bogged down in long discussions between politicians that overstay their welcome; so I agonised quite a bit over keeping this scene between Sally and Mortimer as concise as possible, while still getting the important points across. Sally is very much a leftist, who believes that government has a responsibility to help those who canít help themselves, and her idea of whom that includes is much wider than Mortimerís, him being a centrist (probably right-of-centre, to be honest) who thinks that government assistance for those in need should be strictly limited. Mortimerís not a far-right type who thinks the welfare state should be abolished altogether; but neither does he support a generous welfare state, as he is very sympathetic towards tabloid-reading middle class voters who complain about their taxes supporting the unemployed, whom they perceive as simply too lazy to support themselves. Of course, it is a lot more complicated than that, as Sally says. (No surprises here; Iím on Sallyís side, of course, because Iím a communist.) But while I would love to have her list all the complex institutional problems and class dynamics at work making life difficult for her constituents (or anyone whoís struggling), I had to keep it brief to not completely derail this chapter with Sally giving a TED talk. Moreover, such arguments would likely be wasted on someone like Mortimer anyway.

But yeah, Sallyís running for President. Thatís going to be an ongoing story arc, although it will mostly be covered in season 3. After all, sheís got to get the nomination first...

In any case, donít worry, folks! Thereíll be Badniks getting smashed in just a couple of pages now!

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