April 15, 2020



Commentary for April 15, 2020:

Of course GUN is going to let this go, right? Right...?

Writing the interaction between Sonic and Sally in this chapter got me to thinking about their respective roles. And honestly, I think both Sonic and Sally make good cases for their sides.

Sonic will not stand for any one of his friends to be wrongly imprisoned for any amount of time. Thatís why he pressured Sally to give up the location Blaze had been sent to and then immediately went to get her. It didnít matter to him that he was committing some serious crimes busting into that base; all that mattered to him was that GUN was holding Blaze prisoner and that was wrong.

On the other hand, Sally realised that Sonic would have to break the law to free Blaze his way and was rightly fearful of the consequences Sonic would face for that, which is why she urged him to let her go through legitimate channels first. Sally is much more level-headed than Sonic and always has been in the three different official incarnations weíve had of her between SatAM and Archie, and sheís also a much more strategic thinker. Sonic acts on impulse and does what feels right in the moment, whereas Sally considers the potential consequences of any action first. To Sonic that can seem callous and cold, to not immediately act to right a wrong, but Sally would argue that she is just trying to take the most sensible course of action in the current circumstances and to achieve the same desired goal with minimal negative fallout.

But to someone like Sonic, thatís always going to sound like she just doesnít care enough.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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