May 23, 2020



Commentary for May 23, 2020:

I have to say, part of me feels sorry for the poor blue collar, working class Badniks who are just there to move cargo. They’re not fighters, but they would be absolutely programmed to try and stop the intruders, even though they have no real weapons, and the Freedom Fighters are going to have smash their way through them. They can’t really win.

Anyway, it was around this point in the script that I started to think, “What if Tekno had been one of Doctor Eggman’s lackeys once, and that’s how they’re able to get into his computer so easily?” And not just a former lackey, but someone who actively assisted Eggman during the Occupation. I even started to write stuff into the script hinting as much with the intent of Eggman revealing this to Amy and Cream during their upcoming confrontation, hoping to turn the party against one another because there is a collaborator in their midst.

But I decided against it. It would have been a neat homage to Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic, where Tekno had originally worked for Robotnik as one of his lead Badnik designers; but I felt the whole collaborator angle was a little too dark for a story with Cream in it, plus it would have added a whole extra layer to this chapter that would’ve needed a lot more exposition and dialogue to deal with, thereby unnecessarily lengthening the chapter, which I really didn’t want. I also didn’t want to distract from Cream’s story, and that is what this chapter is really about, if you hadn’t guessed that already.

Anyway, a few more places from Sonic fiction got name dropped here, including Mobodoon and Velcronia from Sonic Underground, Furville from the Archie comics, and Soleanna from Sonic ’06. How similar any of them are to the places in official media will vary.

Credits: Some prop sprites originally by ZinDinTimeYUM; additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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