March 20, 2020



Commentary for March 20, 2020:

And here a new chapter begins. The last couple have been pretty intense and, well, this is going to be pretty intense as well, at least once we get past a slightly slower beginning. In any case, it has been a while since we saw Sally and even longer since we saw Nicole! Iíll have some things to say about them (especially Sally) as this chapter goes on, but theyíre not super important on this first page.

Anyway, this chapter is a remake of Eonís Comic #80 through #83. It is quite different to the original version but it is at least true to the essence of the original, which I shall elaborate on later, probably at the end of the chapter, so as to avoid unintentional spoilers. Iíve tried to make this version more character focused than the original, and I think it really benefits from it, as I hope youíll agree when you see.

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