July 23, 2020



Commentary for July 23, 2020:

This scene is a recreation of a pivotal moment in the original version of this story arc, and I wanted to reasonably faithful to the original scene, which took place in Eonís Comic #125, also in an old mine, using the same basic background assets Iíve used here (specifically from Armoured Armadilloís stage in Mega Man X).

The only real difference to the location is that I reflavoured it as Under Ground Zone from the GameGear/Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, whereas it was just an abandoned coal mine near Station Square in the original. But moving it to a location from Sonic lore on South Island made a lot more sense to me, given thatís where Sonic and Timmons have been hiding. 

Also, it goes without saying at this point that Sally was not in the original version of this scene; but then, neither was the OC I brought her in to replace for the 2018 Eonís Comic remaster and this remake. And Harold Mortimer was, of course, only created for this remake as a replacement for the OC who had been President of Meridia originally.

But apart from all that, this is pretty true to the original version.  

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