January 29, 2020



Commentary for January 29, 2020:

Making this page, it occurred to me that a grey sky probably wasnít the best backdrop for the Egg Frigate, which is also mostly grey. Seriously, grey on grey on grey? What is this, a description of literally anything in The Lord of the Rings? I did think about changing the colour of the clouds, to make them a little more yellow than grey, like how clouds sometimes are in winter at the right time of day, but I didnít particularly fancy going back and editing the previous pages at this point. Besides, itís only really the tail fin that clashes badly with the grey clouds in panel 3. 

Anyway, long-time fans of Sonic probably recognise what the Cluckerís raucous laughter is a reference to. Yes, of course, itís a reference to the classic cartoon, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, where one of Doctor Robotnikís main henchmen was a robot chicken called Scratch, who laughed like that. Since Scratch was almost certainly based on Clucker Badniks from Sonic 2, giving that laugh to a Clucker Badnik here was a reference I just couldnít resist.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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