August 15, 2020



Commentary for August 15, 2020:

You may have noticed that the shuttle looks very smooth here. Unusually smooth, in fact, for a panel like this, where itís usually been resized down to the same scale as the character sprites and then blown up to 200 percent along with them for the final panel. That is how it usually works, but on this occasion, a way of avoiding it looking that pixely occurred to me and, what do you know? It worked. And thatís good, because when season 3 rolls around, I plan for things to look a lot smoother than they do right now, so that solves the problem of 3D models in panels with character sprites.

Anyway, it occurs to me that, while Eonís World draws on both the pre- and post-reboot versions of Archie Sonic for inspiration into how I characterise the Freedom Fighters, they are mostly based on their post-reboot incarnations. Nicoleís backstory in Eonís World is much closer to her post-reboot Archie backstory, where she was also created by a Doctor Ellidy, who used to work for Sallyís father.

Of course, my version of Sally is not a princess, which is quite a departure from her portrayal in Archie Sonic and SatAM, so her father also wasnít a king. But I think this is the first time his name and his profession have been mentioned. Nigel Acorn (again, using his name from post-reboot Archie as opposed to pre-reboot) was instead a scientist, and that will be important going forwards, dear reader.

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