April 21, 2020



Commentary for April 21, 2020:

Eonís World, like Eonís Comic before it, is proudly anti-authoritarian, and Iím not going to hide that fact by dressing everything up in metaphor and allegory. We arenít subtle about politics IRL, so why be subtle about it in fiction? Yeah, Commander Hughes is more authoritarian than Ballista and she just straight up calls that what it is. Thereís no sense dancing around it when I want to make a point like this. Security crack downs can be very attractive immediately after a terrorist attack, when people are scared. But it is a trap. 9/11 was almost two decades ago now, but we still canít take liquids onto planes unless we bought them at the airport departure lounge -- at massively inflated prices, so is it really about security or is it about private companies making huge profits from a captive audience? But I digress. Also consider the humiliation we tolerate by stepping into full body scanners (which are infinitely worse if you happen to be transgender).

My point is, you can go into a state of tighter security and severely curtailed freedoms with the noblest of intentions. You want to protect people. You want to save lives. You want to catch the bad guys. Thatís all great, but there are always people who are much more interested in using those tighter security measures to suppress innocent people than they are in protecting them. Thatís why we shouldnít let fear dictate policy or give in to the people who want us to give up our liberties in the name of security.

Two soapboxes in a row! Donít worry, dear reader, the next story is time travel shenanigans, so probably less soapboxing from me... Probably.

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