January 26, 2020



Commentary for January 26, 2020:

As you may have gathered, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Antoine. Heís one of the characters I never liked early on, because of how he was characterised in the early days, but he really grew on me when he got to spend some time with a competent writer or two. And of the available characters, he simply struck me as the most sensible choice to lead the Freedom Fighters once Sally has moved on to other things. 

Anyway, the times where Sonic meeting with Knuckles went badly mentioned here are supposed to in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure, of course, where the two of them fight each other at first. The other occasion is meant to be a reference to Sonic Triple Trouble, which I think was the only game Knuckles appeared in on the Sega Game Gear. I figured it was worth including in the count, since itís also where Nack the Weasel first appeared and as established in Chapter 6, Sonic and Tails have tangled with him before. So, itís a past adventure of theirs, albeit one I donít really intend to ever go into depth on.

Finally, just to clarify, Blaze doesnít have a memory problem. Itís just that she was under extreme stress when Eggman was ranting at her and he said a lot, while she was using all of her strength to keep herself from freezing to death and probing her prison for weaknesses, so she couldnít give all of his ravings her full attention. I was, frankly, thinking of how Sonic couldnít recall all the details of what Eggman had said during their knock-down, drag-out fight in Archie Sonic #175, because itís difficult to pay attention when youíre getting the snot kicked out of you. Thankfully, the others here can fill in the blanks.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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