June 29, 2020



Commentary for June 29, 2020:

You know, itís funny. In over 450 issues of Sonic comics and various spin offs and specials, nobody ever used an EMP against Bunnie Rabbot. I mean, it is kinda dark to basically paralyse three of her limbs, leaving her practically helpless, but they did plenty of dark stuff to her and other characters over the years. So, why this particular strategy never occurred to them, I donít know.

In any case, I wanted to really showcase how organised, how clever, and mostly importantly how ruthless GUN can be by having them take Bunnie down like this. She is, after all, easily the most powerful Freedom Fighter, so they would naturally want to prioritise neutralising her first. Indeed, thatís really what the tank was for -- to draw Bunnie out into the open, so they could take her down with an EMP grenade. GUN isnít here to destroy Knothole, but the Freedom Fighters donít know that. All they know is that an army of GUN soldiers have rolled up into their home with a freakiní tank; of course theyíve mobilised to defend the village, little realising theyíve walked right into GUNís trap.

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