July 20, 2020



Commentary for July 20, 2020:

One thing I try to be cognisant of with this series is how long a conversation is allowed to go on, especially a conversation like this. But even a dialogue scene with a lot of important exposition is still just characters sitting or standing around talking. True, almost all fiction has a lot of that, and sometimes itís the only way to get important plot information across, but I am aware of how it can make a story drag. So I try to limit scenes like these, where possible. Especially when itís just two characters talking about whatís happened previously in Eonís World. (Seriously, if this were Stargate SG-1, this is where weíd have our seasonal clip show episode.)

Okay, to be fair, this isnít just two characters recapping the last few months of Eonís World content; theyíre arguing about it. Samanfur is questioning GUNís actions against Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, while Davis is trying to rationalise it. And basically every excuse Davis uses here to justify GUNís recent actions are excuses I heard from hardline authoritarians in the heyday of the War on Terror.

The one exception to that is Davisís attempt to associate Sally with the Echidna Empire because of her criticism of GUN and the United Federation. Thatís more a reference to the McCarthy witch hunts, if anything, where American citizens were treated as persona non grata for having even just moderately leftist views. And even if they were straight up communists, that doesnít mean they were enemies of the United States or secretly working on behalf of the Soviet Union to undermine America. Most progressives, leftists, socialists, and communists tend to care deeply about their country and its people and, indeed, all of humanity; that is why they are so critical of the status quo when it is built on a capitalist economic system that exploits the people in service of an elite ruling class. So, yeah, Sally is super critical of GUN and the United Federation, but itís because she wants her society to do better.

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