August 25, 2020



Commentary for August 25, 2020:

I do like that last panel. Those big Sonic Battle sprites come in pretty handy sometimes. I may need to see about some custom ones of characters who donít already have them going forwards. But I guess weíll see.

Now, of course Knuckles can smash open these cells. He managed to break out of the brig on the Ajax back in Chapter 29, after all, and I donít imagine the cells on Devilís Island are too dissimilar. And like the cells on the Ajax, they werenít designed with someone of Knucklesís strength in mind.

Anyway, thatís us only halfway through the chapter now, believe it or not. To be fair, season 1ís finale was also its longest chapter, so I guess it shouldnít be all that surprising that the same applies again here. Heck, even the first season finale of Vol. 2 is the longest chapter of that season (and, indeed, the longest chapter of Eonís World so far, period). Either way, I shall be interested to see if that trend continues when we get into season 3 and beyond.

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