September 2, 2020



Commentary for September 2, 2020:

You know, I don’t think we’ve had a single exposition dump via SSTV News this whole season up until now. In any case, it was an easy decision to have the testimony given before Congress quickly covered in a news broadcast rather than actually showing a tedious cross-examination in front of a bunch of senators. Goodness, even I would’ve found that dull and I enjoy writing dialogue scenes a lot more than I enjoy writing action scenes.

Anyway, in the original version of this story, told in Eon’s Comic #130, Sonic, Cookirini, and some other characters showed up to arrest Davis on Samanfur’s orders. That seems pretty silly, though, given Davis has been hunting Sonic and Timmons with deadly force, so they shouldn’t be going anywhere near High Command until he’s been safely arrested. Now, the call to “Omicron Theta” that Davis makes in this scene wasn’t in the original version of the story either, but I did include a similar call in the 2018 remaster. This is, of course, setting up some long term narrative threads that Eon’s World will be picking up again in time, so I shall say no more about it here.  

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