January 31, 2020



Commentary for January 31, 2020:

I made a last minute decision with this chapter to upgrade the shuttle the Freedom Fighters are using from a tiny little Westefri Starship Company Type 4 shuttlecraft to a larger Britannic Aviation Mercia-C class shuttle. Itís the cargo variant of the type of shuttle seen here and here, which is bigger, and faster than the type they were using before. Hey, they must have spent that donation from President Mortimer on something, right?

It does occur to me, however, that since the Freedom Fighters have a working spacecraft capable of reaching the ARK, why would they bother trying to steal that Egg Frigate at all? Heck, they even reached the ARK via shuttlecraft in Chapter 4.

Uh oh! Plot hole alert!

Well, this isnít that old BBC Robin Hood show from around 14 years ago now, where Hood and his merry men successfully break into Nottingham Castle literally every episode, and the Sheriff just never seems to beef up his security. The Freedom Fighters got aboard the ARK once before via shuttle (I mean, kinda twice if we count Sonic Adventure 2, which I guess we should?) and thatís a security risk Doctor Eggman has since patched. Approaching the ARK via a small, unarmed, unshielded ship is suicide at this point. So to make it via spacecraft now, you really do need to be on one of Eggmanís own ships... or something armed for war.

Whew! Close one, that time!

Anyway, Iíll admit that Sallyís backstory may feel a little shoehorned in here, but I tried to make it work in context and not take up too much of this chapterís time. It is entirely a relic of the Eonís Comic remaster story that I adapted this chapter from and, while I donít think it was needed, I wanted to keep it in. I think Sally would show up here because she is friends with Vanilla and Cream, as was established in Chapter 11, and she was concerned for the wellbeing of their friend, Blaze. Plus, itís just nice for her when she can find an excuse to get back to Knothole.

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