July 11, 2020



Commentary for July 11, 2020:

Well, this page has the dubious honour of being the first one I made on my brand spanking new monitor. I say ďdubiousĒ, because I spent a great deal of the time making this page also trying to optimise the settings, so I can see everything clearly without straining my eyes. Iím not as young as I used to be, after all.

Anyway, here we have Sigma-Alpha 2 trying to see if lightning can strike twice and they can actually capture Sonic again. ďBut why are these special forces commandos having so much trouble when a bunch of regulars were able to capture Sonic in the previous chapter?Ē asks no one in particular. ďThatís a good question,Ē I reply.

First of all, there were a lot of them in the previous chapter, plus they had two mechs. Also, Sally was there and Sonic didnít want to risk her getting hurt. Sure, she can take care of herself well enough, but that doesnít mean Sonic isnít still going to be careful when there are other people around him to consider. Moreover, Sally wasnít going to fight in that moment, anyway, so Sonic probably would have put her at risk if heíd tried to. Here, itís just Sonic and five GUN commandos in the middle of nowhere. He can really cut loose and all he really needs to do is get clear of them so he can bolt. Itís not like these guys can keep up with him, after all.

A note on tech. Stun settings on weapons arenít really a thing (at least, not yet). A gun that shoots bullets can only shoot bullets. Tasers and flashbangs and other weapons designed to stun or disorient exist, but there isnít the Star Trek phaser with a dedicated stun setting that will usually knock someone out cold. And directed energy weapons tend to either be big or require a large power source. Thatís why you donít see folks running around with laser rifles and stuff (at least, not yet). The weapon Honch is using on this page, the ďshock cannonĒ is basically a precursor to a stun setting that future standard issue weapons will have, but which is still fairly experimental at this point. And, as a directed energy weapon, itís big and unwieldy and generally impractical for most soldiers to carry around with them. But this is Sigma-Alpha 2, a paladin team, GUNís elite commandos. They get to play with some of the more fun toys.

(Also, yes, Iím aware of the fact that Doctor Eggman and his Badniks have been regularly shown using lasers. Thatís because Eggman is a genius whose tech majorly surpasses that of GUNís. Also, Bunnieís cybernetic arm can shoot lasers, but it was built by Rotor and Tails, who are also a pair of geniuses. Donít @ me.)

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