August 10, 2020



Commentary for August 10, 2020:

Like the earlier scene on Devilís Island, where we looked in on the captive Freedom Fighters, this scene was not in the original version of this story in Eonís Comic #127 back in 2003. But I suppose its equivalent was in Eonís Comic #124, a story I havenít recreated for Eonís World. I didnít actually plan to re-create it in the first place and, even if I had, I would have changed my plans due to Timmons deserting from GUN in this version of the story arc. But in the original she didnít, and in Eonís Comic #124, she went to General Davis to try and persuade him to give up his vendetta against Sonic, but to no avail.

But with Timmonsís desertion in this version, I wanted to show her, along with Sally and Nicole, preparing for... well, that would telling, wouldnít it? But my readers are smart, so Iím sure you can figure it out.

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