September 6, 2020



Commentary for September 6, 2020:

Given just how dangerous Eggman is, I wanted to have him put in a special, maximum security cell, with constant armed guard, and put him in a straight jacket to boot. In the original version in Eonís Comic, he was just in a fairly standard cell, not dissimilar to the one Horatio was shown in back in Chapter 20. Of course, this wasnít a scene at all in Eonís Comic, but given that Eggmanís capture and imprisonment is a pretty big deal, I felt it was important to show him locked up like this. Plus, it makes for a great narrative hook for season 3.

Yes, the Death Egg is coming in season 3. It was already teased in Chapter 27 and I expect most readers saw that back then. But here it is for the first time in all its glory, rather than just being on a computer screen in the background. The model is one I made in SketchUp three years ago now for Vol. 2, actually, but even if I hadnít already made a model, I would have taken the time to do it for Vol. 1, same way I did with the ARK, the Egg Frigate, etc. For one of my older models now, I do think this one still holds up pretty well.

Anyway, thatís season 2 of Eonís World Vol. 1 now concluded. Iím afraid I donít have a precise date yet as to when season 3 or Chapter 11 of Vol. 2 will be coming. I have quite a lot of prep to do for either of them, but I expect season 3 of Vol. 1 will be coming before Chapter 11 of Vol. 2, and hopefully before the end of 2020. Either way, watch this space and follow me on Twitter for news as and when I have it. Thanks for reading Eonís World and I hope youíll be back for more when it comes.

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