July 3, 2020



Commentary for July 3, 2020:

With the layering of various background elements, itís fair to say that Iíve always tried to create an illusion of three dimensions in both this sprite comic and the original Eonís Comic, but those first three panels are the first time I really feel like Iíve successfully created what feels like a three-dimensional scene, with a character in the foreground and characters in the background, using zooming to create a sort of forced perspective. Iím pretty pleased with it, so expect more of it. A lot more.

Anyway, things are really starting to come together now. In the original version of this story, Sally... well, Sally wasnít here. It was that OC I brought Sally in to replace who was involved in this story. In any case, they didnít have this whole argument with Timmons. But I donít think Sally would just walk away once sheís been freed. Sonicís one of her bests friends. Yeah, they had their disagreement about how best to handle the situation with Blaze, but sheís never going to turn her back on Sonic. Never. And thatís why she tried to talk Timmons around here. And while it may not seem to have done much, it may have at least planted a seed.

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