February 6, 2020



Commentary for February 6, 2020:

Now, technically, once Cookirini goes to Congress, sheís no longer an employee of President Mortimer. Senators donít work for the local governments of the state they represent, after all, even in cases where the local head of state has appointed them (which does happen under certain circumstances in the USA); ideally, they work for the public of the state they represent (and presumably all people living under whatever federal government they are part of). Of course, there is corruption in politics; some people get into certain positions of power beholden to a benefactor who still has serious leverage with them, even if they donít have any official authority over them. In most cases IRL, itís wealthy campaign donors and corporate lobbyists. In this case, however, itís an unscrupulous politician who has elevated Cookirini to a major position of power, possibly through sinister means that he is willing to use against her if she crosses him.

This is a little different to how things were in Eonís Comic. In the original version of this story arc, there was no tension between Cookirini and the Meridian President. She was his willing accomplice, despite him being an obvious criminal, who even cheated to become President (with her help, mind you), and she happily went to the Senate on his authority. Cookirini basically started off in Eonís Comic as a crook, who helped another crook become President of Meridia; but it was all okay because they ultimately did good together. Iím not sure what I was thinking back then. I was young and didnít have a tremendous grasp of politics. I think the whole cheating to win thing was just a cynical ďlol, all politicians are liars and cheatsĒ gag from the very earliest days of the comic when I was still trying to make it funny. But as I tried to write a more serious story, I wanted to do something better with the Meridian President and Cookirini, so they morphed into these plucky little heroes (or maybe anti-heroes?) standing up to a corrupt military. Itís a strange character shift that my younger, less skilled self never really justified.

So, for Eonís World Vol. 1, I wanted Cookirini to be a much more reluctant accomplice to Harold Mortimer. Cookirini is a good person, and she knows Mortimer is bad, but she doesnít know anyone else whoís willing to stand up to GUN, which she believes to be important right now. So, sheís willing to compromise her principles and work with this crook for the greater good. Sheís doing a bad thing in the hopes that it will bring about a good thing. Only now sheís learning that Mortimer is probably a much worse person than she realised.

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