May 17, 2020



Commentary for May 17, 2020:

Of course, the Vanilla we saw in Eggmanís office aboard the ARK back in Chapter 23 was a robot! The real Vanilla would never willingly work for him, despite what some fan artists draw. You know who you are. (No, Iím not looking up those images for you.) But that doesnít resolve the pressing issue of this chapter, which is where is the real Vanilla?

I suppose I should say something about Teknoís hard light shield, too, huh? Well, in Vol. 2 of Archie Sonic, Sally had these cool hard light blades that were projected from her wrist bands. Basically, this is supposed to be kind of a precursor to that, still experimental, and only really good as a shield right now. But I guess Iíve tipped my hand again, havenít I? Yeah, Sallyís going to get a set of those blades at some point in Eonís World, too. How could she not? They were awesome. But in this universe, it will be Tekno who invents them.

Credits: Additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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