April 9, 2020



Commentary for April 9, 2020:

The Mega Man Zero Resistance bases are a gift that keep on giving. Theyíre great for use as military bunkers like this, or labs, or supervillain lairs. So, yeah, expect to see them used a lot in Eonís World.

Anyway, remember how in the previous chapterís commentaries, I said that Eon and Silky were kidnapped and sent to the ARK along with President Mortimer in the original version of the story in Eonís Comic? Well, the original (and 2018 remaster) version of this story took place between their kidnapping and their rescue, and it was General Timmons who took a ship to bring them back. Since I nixed that whole ordeal from the story for Eonís World, it meant Timmons would be present on the base during Sonicís solo mission to rescue Blaze, and that gave me an idea to give her an expanded role in the story right now, which will play into future events sheís going to be involved in. And I am quite pleased with the role Iíve given her here.

Credits: F6 Big Foot sprites originally by Kompi.

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