May 29, 2020



Commentary for May 29, 2020:

Honestly, I hadnít planned on including Antoine and Bunnie in this chapter, but after explaining away their absence from Knothole in the previous chapter with them having to be on the mainland to deal with some bandits, I decided I wanted to explore that a little. In a moment of inspiration, I made a snap decision that I had been hesitating over for a while, which was to include the Wolf Pack in Eonís World, which was hinted at yesterday, at the end of the last chapter. Now, the Wolf Pack were originally a group of freedom fighters who appeared in the SatAM cartoon and were later brought into the Archie comic as recurring characters, and I enjoyed their stories (well, particularly the later ones), but I wasnít sure about including them in Eonís World for a number of reasons, chief of which was the question over whether or not I really had anything for them to do. But I figure that if I can give the Freedom Fighters something to do, I can do the same with the Wolf Pack -- especially since Lupe, who makes her debut here in the first panel, will honestly be the one interacting with other characters the most.

Anyway, Iíll say more about the Wolf Pack and how Iíve reimagined them for Eonís World later. Right now, thereís a fight going on with some bandits. Iíve mentioned before how, under the United Federation, itís a lot harder for civilians to get hold of military grade weapons than in, oh say, the real world United States, and thatís why the Echidna Empire only had a handful of guns at the beginning and mostly used shock batons. A group of bandits having assault rifles and grenade launchers is unusual; typically, you would expect them to be carrying pistols and maybe a few shotguns and hunting rifles, rather than automatic weapons. But whatís with the axes and swords? Well, the swords are meant to be machetes, and I think it makes perfect sense for people trekking through a tropical forest to be carrying machetes and axes to help cut their way through some of the denser underbrush. Then again, as Iíve mentioned in previous commentaries, civilian ownership of melee weapons is not unusual in this world. Thereís a weird mix of swords and axes along with guns and lasers in this far future setting, which is honestly how it was the Archie comic, too. Hey, it works in Star Wars, so why not?

But these guys do have military grade weapons. Like Bunnie mentions, theyíre strangely well equipped and thatís something we may revisit another time, so watch this space.

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